It was like an earthquake hit California. OCBO/ Epuerto captured 2 Championships & one 2nd place finish at AAU West Coast Championships.  At the end of every game coaches and spectators were asking, where the heck is Coos County?

Well now they know!


OCBO/Epuerto had 7 players named to the AAU DIII All tournament team.


  1. Haley Edwards / 8th grade


  1. Ean Smith / 7th grade boys


  1. Preston Harden / 7th grade boys


  1. McKayla Myrand / 8th grade


  1. Makoa Mathews / 8th grade


  1. Tori Reynard / High School


  1. Tara Edwards / High School


Coach McKnight and Allan Ledesma are very proud of the Outlawz program. McKnight and Ledesma also appreciates all of the help and support from family, coaches, parents, the community, and of course all of the players for making this a successful year.


Lady Outlawz JV Finished 2nd place

Tori Reynard, Tara Edwards, Brittney Kubli, Cheyenne Datan, Marissa Erickson, Issabella Webster, McKayla Myrand, Abbey Dieu, and Hayden Swank.

Coaches Chris Reynard & Trevor Edwards


Lady Outlawz 8th Grade Finished 1st place

Macy Metcalf, Shasta Cunningham, Hayden Swank, Jazmin Chavez, Taylor Shea, Makoa Matthews, Haley Edwards, Kaitlyn Randle, Charlee Lincoln, Brenna Mault, Kali Hernandez, McKayla Myrand, Haley Snelgrove, Maddie Arzie, and Kortney Ferrerri.

Coaches Teresa Dea, Jason Snelgrove, Angel Panter & Patrick McKnight


Outlawz Boys 7th Grade Finished 1st place

Javier Analco,Preston Harden, Kai Reasor, Kyle Martin, Ean Smith, Troy Entz, John Burgmeier, Braydon Snoddy, Garrisson Mateski, Jordan Ward, and Devonte Byers.

Coaches Patrick McKnight, Jason Snelgrove, Andrew Piburn & Julie Martin


The Outlawz Posse mounts up and rides off into the sunset until August 15th, 2015. When Fall Ball starts.

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