Paulo R.

Thank you Allan to open the door of your house [...]

Paulo R.2018-11-18T22:15:24-08:00

Walter H.

Allan Ledesma thank you very much to you and family [...]

Walter H.2018-11-18T22:15:01-08:00

Kyle W.

My kids really enjoyed your camp! We'll see you next [...]

Kyle W.2018-11-18T22:14:12-08:00

Mandy H. W.

Our kids can't stop talking about how much they enjoyed [...]

Mandy H. W.2018-11-18T22:13:48-08:00

Sarah P.

Thank you for a great camp. Jordyn said she had [...]

Sarah P.2018-11-18T22:13:22-08:00


Thanks a lot @epuerto4life for the opportunity to talk and [...]



Day 1 was amazing and looking forward for day 2 [...]


Elena K.

Allan, Thank you again for setting up the camp this [...]

Elena K.2018-11-18T22:09:43-08:00

Heather H.

The camp was great! Best one Addi has gone to! [...]

Heather H.2018-11-18T21:52:46-08:00