2018 Season – Games starting in Mid January


EPUERTO Sports Athlete-Parent Code of Ethics

EPUERTO Sports Coaching Code of Ethics

Regular High School Rules will be in effect on shooting fouls and bonus (7 fouls). Must Stop clock on free throws


2 – 16 minute running clock halves (last 4 minutes of each half are stop clock if the lead is 10 points or less)
3-minute halftime
10-minute warm-up time
2 Timeouts per game (1 additional per overtime, capped at 3)
5 Fouls per player
3rd Grade Teams Throw in line (2 feet closer to basket)
1 additional Overtime of 2 minutes; 1 additional timeout per overtime.
Man to man defense only, no zone
No full-court man to man defense (4th grade and lower)
No full-court man to man defense with a 10-point lead (5th grade and up)
Substitutions at any dead ball (3rd grade and below may need sub pattern to encourage equal playing time)
Everything else is NFHS Rules
Gym Supervisor at each location will have final authority on any rule enforcement

Games on Saturdays and maybe some weekdays for close teams
4th grade and lower will have 1 game per day, 5th and above will have 2 when gym space allows
Season will be no longer than 6 weekends
Both teams must provide a parent/volunteer for the official book and scoreboard
All parents and participants must sign the league code of conduct before first game
No changes on final schedule

3rd 4th 5th 6th
Ball Size 27.5 27.5 28.5 28.5
Pressing Half Court Half Court Full Court Full Court
Full-court defense 10 10