Teqball was founded by Hungarian natives, Gábor Borsányi and Viktor Huszár. Borsányi and Huszár lived in the same apartment complex, and, soon after becoming friends, found that they also shared a common interest of playing soccer. Borsányi, a former semi-professional soccer player, is the creative mind behind the game while Huszár combined his love of science to develop the “techie” side of Teqball. The two came together to reinvent the game of soccer, providing a safer non-contact sport, based solely on skill.

“The main idea was to develop a new way to play soccer with friends,” said Huszár, who is also a computer scientist and president of the football club at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. “Teqball can be played by people of all abilities and ages, although there is a short learning curve.”

Borsányi and Huszár went public with Teqball in 2015 and in less than a year have already gained worldwide recognition in 87 countries. So far they have seen the greatest interest in Teqball from the United States and Germany.

“We initially launched on the Internet and then attended international festivals to showcase our product to test out the rules of the game and gain feedback,” said Huszár. “The United States is very accepting and open-minded to the new sport.”

EPUERTO Sports is a pioneer in Teqball in USA, We were the first one to have a table in the west coast of America. We had been playing Teqball since 2018. We had guest players from the best Universities and College in Oregon, Corban University, Oregon State University, Portland State University, Portland Community College, Chemeketa Community College, Lane Community College, Blue Mountain Community College, etc.

Our goal is to develop players and Host Tournaments.