Get proper training to a level of need or required for competitions on a Recreation, developmental or competitive level.​
Provide the local Club or State Elite team athletes the best development in the State.​

Work Plans

We will have to perform tests and evaluations during the classes or camps on the different categories that will suggest the Technical Adviser and Administrators. ​
Friendly games with other teams or clubs to elevate the game level.​


Physical work:​On the third day the team or group in general should get on their physical capacity with more speed, power, agility, flexibility.​

Technical work:​Activities with the ball, have a continuing technical evaluations. Develop better control of the ball with different parts of the upper and lower body to help aspects of modern soccer.​

Tactical work:​The athletes must understand the different futsal tactical formations that we will work on the project. (Age appropriate)​
Also must demonstrate ability to understand the tactical movements necessary to implement in the training and games of futsal.

Emotional Performance:​​Players will be evaluated on their athletic, personal and emotional aspects of the game.


Mr. Allan Ledesma​Head Administrator ​
Epuerto Sport Futsal & Soccer Academy​
PCC Soccer Club Assistant Coach​

Prof. Walter E. ArevaloInternational FC ​
Conmebol- FIFA A License​
Portland Thorns FC ODP 02/03 Head Coach

Mr. Sergio Medel​Technical Adviser​
FCM Portland DOC ​
FCM NPSL Head Coach​
ESUTREF Brasil A license​

Mr. Paulo Roberto Costa ReisHead Coach Ronaldo Academy – Honk Kong
Tetrabrasil Soccer Academy – United States
Brazilian Football Confederation B License